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LetUsConnect Farm will offer competitive pricing for its hydroponically grown produce. Each unit of lettuce, whether in “head” or “leaf” formation, weighs approximately one pound. Products will be sold in quantities of 24 units per box. Each 24 lb. box of lettuce will cost $37.20 ($1.55 per unit). Our competitors charge between $36 to $40 per 24 lb. box and $1.50 to $1.67 per unit. Manufacturers in the produce industry utilize markup percentages between 375% and 425% based on per-unit costs. LetUsConnect Farm’s relatively lower markup percentage at 384% will help us attract many customers throughout the area.

Sales Forecast – Gross

sales forecast gross

*Note: 2016 sales represent six months of successfully growing and is based on completion of the greenhouse and seeded by July 1, 2016.

Cost Forecast

cost forecast

Note: Operating expenses increase slightly over the three-year projection. Worker wages represent the largest expense during the year.

Expense Comparative

expense comparative

Three-year Profit/Loss Forecast

three year profitloss forecast