Employment and Training Positions

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Job Coach

Responsibilities include: Recruitment, evaluation, and reporting

  • Recruitment: Working with the Program Director to identify eligible workers and recruit 10 trainees for every ten weeks. Job Coach assists participants in creating a resume, coaches them to improve interview skills, and secure students’ employment. Recruitment methods must be documented in student files
  • Evaluation: Upon placement in the training program participants begin training and work and are visited weekly by the Job Coach and periodic written evaluation are reviewed with participants by the job coach The Job Coach works with all participants to review academic and vocational achievements, recommend support services, and basic skills training.
  • Record Keeping: Maintain all wage and hours records. The records (time sheets and vouchers), evaluations, and assessments are reviewed and filed monthly by the Job Coach. Job Coach works a flexible schedule of approximately 15-20 hours per week.

Training Assistant

Responsibilities include: Support both Trainees and Staff

  • Support Trainees: support and assist friends in learning class material using the module outlines, providing friends with individualized attention.
  • Support Staff: Assistant with circulation of materials, assessing work done by trainees, attend to individuals needing special attention as to allow coach to continue delivering materials.
  • Assistant works flexible hours anywhere between 5-10 hours per week.


Responsibilities include: translate materials, questions, statements, etc.

  • Translate learning materials: Friends may need worksheets, PowerPoint’s, or manuals translated in to a different language i.e.) Spanish
  • Translate questions, statements, and conversations: trainees may need to ask a question, make a statement, or just want to converse with others and will need someone who can get that message across. I.e.) Sign language, Spanish
  • Translator’s hours will be per diem between 3-5 hours a week.

Greenhouse manager

Responsibilities: Clean, Attend to plants, Record

  • Clean the greenhouse and adjacent areas. Sweep the floor of both the stock area and the greenhouse. Organize shelves with seeds and nutrients, pick up fallen leaves. The ease of the job is dependent on the person who worked before you.
  • Visit each plant at least once to check each plant for signs of sickness/infestation, weeds (make sure to remove the roots too), dead/dying leaves or flowers (remove with clippers).
  • Check and record greenhouse temperature, pH, and that the area was cleaned.
  • 2-3 days a week at least 2-3 hours per day.

Wholesale Representative

  • Meet with Restaurant and store owners/managers to represent our product
  • Develop sales leads
  • Securing orders, keep records
  • Work and train “Friends” in the PR and management of Wholesales marketing

Packaging Supervisor

  • Work with Friends in packaging the appropriate amount of produce according to orders.
  • Before delivery, be sure completeness of orders
  • Take inventory of packaging materials, and ordering more

Drivers/Product Distribution

  • Check packaged orders for completion
  • Know route to each location for delivery
  • Have customer sign off for receipt

Administrative Assistant

Responsibilities include: administrative and clerical duties to run Arthur & Friends efficiently.

  • Work directly with Project Coordinator or Director in coordinating schedule meetings and appointments.
  • Update and distribute information given by Coordinator and/or Director via phone, email, mail, or website i.e.) newsletters, outreach letters, brochures.
  • Take inventory of supplies; research vendors of supplies and purchase
  • Create and update spreadsheets, reports; organize and maintain paper files.
  • Hours per week 4-6 hours, 2 or 3 days a week.

Community Outreach Assistant

  • Work with staff and trainees getting the word out
  • Attend job fairs, colleges, meetings where Lettuce Work Philly will be discussed
  • Work with Fundraiser Coordinator for Lettuce Work Philly outreach and supporters

Fundraiser Coordinator

  • In collaboration with other staff, develop and implement a comprehensive strategy for the identification, cultivation, solicitation, and stewardship of current and prospective annual leadership donors.
  • Manage all aspects of the process to steward donors giving at Fund donor recognition levels. Tasks include supervising the review of data and preparation of materials for acknowledgement mailings; identifying lectures or other events which would be appropriate for donors, and inviting donors to attend; planning receptions or other events in conjunction with major programs; and developing electronic and print materials to market gift giving, sponsorship and corporate donations.
  • Monitor progress towards annual goals for donations. Evaluate effectiveness of donor recognition program. Monitor industry trends, and make recommendations for changes or enhancements to donor recognition practices.
  • Maintain strong communication links with other fundraisers to ensure a coordinated approach to prospects. Serve as the primary point of contact regarding donations
  • Manage and monitor donor recognition budget.

Special Projects Coordinator

  • To participate in the creation and implementation of successful fundraising events that raise operating funds to further Arthur & Friends mission.
  • Responsibilities include: Pre-Event Duties - regular attendance of committee meetings; conceptualization of new events; planning of event logistics; planning and implementation of event promotion
  • Event-Day Duties - regular attendance at events; set-up/clean-up duties; registration; greeting of attendees.
  • Post-Event Duties - writing thank yous; evaluating events.