How does LetUsConnect for Autism work?

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High school and college students from the U.S. go to other underserved countries during summer and visit different schools. They make presentations and then have an hour-long session where they interact with mainstream students who are passionate about LetUsConnect for Autism. These students then go on to enroll in the program and spread awareness among their friends as well as in their local community.

Two volunteer groups with five students in each travel to a country that lacks autism awareness. The volunteers spend two weeks visiting both mainstream and special needs schools in two different cities (Both groups switch cities after the first week). A typical four-day week in the program comprises:

Group A visiting two special needs schools on day one and three (Group B visiting two different special needs school in another city on day one and three)

  1. Working with special kids to identify their needs
  2. Giving educational games and toys to teachers
  3. Talking to teachers to identify what they need to better educate their students

Group A visiting two mainstream schools on day two and four (Group B visiting two different mainstream schools in another city on day two and four)

  1. Making a presentation
  2. Networking with students who are willing to join the program
  3. Setting up a student club and enrolling interested students