Case Study: Indian summer of 2015

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Our founding members, Nishali Parikh and Nived Parikh, went to India in the summer of 2015 to visit two schools in Rajkot, Gujarat. They realized that autism awareness is limited in many of the non-metro cities. For a culture that is socially conscious, autism is a subject most people don't feel comfortable talking about. Many of those parenting children with autism suffer from guilt and live in a perpetual state of anxiety amidst society's indifference. Sometimes autism parents feel they are the only ones suffering, unbeknownst to the fact that there are in fact 10 million (approx.) affected individuals across the country. Sometimes parental negligence due to denial (delay in consulting a doctor, for instance) and lack of expert advice make early diagnosis impossible, triggering a lifetime of survival crisis for the affected individual. Delayed diagnosis results in schools functioning as day care centers containing a bunch of affected individuals who have little chance of making it to the mainstream society. A large cross section of the society doesn’t understand that people with special needs can’t always help themselves change their perceived “odd” behavior.